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Pavement Management Program

Lemon Grove was incorporated as a general law city in 1977. Now, approximately 26,000 people live in established neighborhoods including single-family homes, condominiums, and apartment buildings. Municipal parks provide recreational opportunities, and schools and churches are scattered throughout the city.

The majority of the public streets in the City are not engineered roads and are composed of asphalt concrete (often with varying mix designs) placed directly onto native soils. Few streets were appropriately designed to consider actual traffic volumes or the structural condition of the sub-grade soils beneath the pavement. This was the infrastructure inherited by the City of Lemon Grove upon incorporation.

In an effort to better protect pavements, the City adopted a pavement cut ordinance in 2009 that prohibits trenching in pavements less than three years old. In 2010, the City initiated a pavement management system (PMS) called StreetSaver®, which is the most widely used PMS software in California.

The City of Lemon Grove maintains approximately 68.7 center-line miles of streets and an additional 12,560 square yards of parking lots. The pavement management system is used to maintain this pavement network. A survey was taken in early 2010 and the current average pavement condition index (PCI) is 61, which is in the “fair” condition category. 

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