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Drainage Master Plan


The City is responsible for managing the public storm drain system within the City limits (approximately 3.9 square miles) and ensuring that an adequate level of service is provided to protect the public from excessive surface flooding conditions. The collection system consists of pipes varying in diameter, inlets, culverts, channels, catch basins, and other drainage facilities.  

What is a Master Plan of Drainage?

A Drainage Master Plan (DMP) is a broad engineering analysis of an operator's drainage system. It considers standard design storm predictions, topography, land use, and the physical attributes of the storm drain system to identify deficiencies in the system. Once that is done, budget-level cost estimates and priorities for addressing the deficiencies are determined to develop a plan to correct them.

Lemon Grove’s Drainage Master Plan 

Rick Engineering Company completed the City of Lemon Grove’s DMP in February 2020. The DMP will serve as a strategic planning guide for maintaining, improving, and expanding the City’s storm drainage system, and will include updated geographical information system (GIS) mapping, hydrologic and hydraulic model update, and the development of an updated capital improvement plan (CIP). The DMP update is a comprehensive plan and tool to highlight existing stormwater conveyance system deficiencies along with a condition assessment of the corrugated metal pipe storm drains throughout the City. The DMP update prioritizes capital improvement projects with current cost estimates that the City will use to make future funding and construction decisions. 

Download a copy of the Drainage Master Plan below.

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