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Street Lighting

The City of Lemon Grove owns and maintains 1,256 streetlights within the city limits, which are operated and maintained by the Lemon Grove Roadway Lighting District (Lighting District). The Lighting District was formed January 1, 1980, by Resolution No. 24 of the City Council pursuant to the Landscaping and Lighting Act of 1972. The Lighting District is responsible for overseeing the operations, maintenance, installation and construction of City-owned Streetlights. Streetlight maintenance services are funded through a blend of assessment revenue (through a parcel charge collected on the annual property tax bill) and property taxes generated by property owners within the District. The assessments are used for the maintenance, repair, and monitoring of the streetlights. 

Report a Street Light Issue

Street light outages may include lights that are not turning on, flickering lights, or lights that stay on all day.  The public’s assistance in noting and reporting outages is very important.  Although the City’s contractor conducts routine inspections, reported outages enable the outage to be addressed in a timely manner.  Once an outage is reported, repairs are typically completed within several days. The City owns standalone streetlights on concrete and metal poles or lights mounted above a traffic signal. SDG&E owns lights mounted on wooden utility poles. 

To report an outage of a City-owned street light, please contact Public Works at (619) 825-3810 or provide or submit a Street Light Repair Request.  

To request a street light repair regarding a street light maintained by SDG&E, please contact SDG&E at (800) 411-7343 or CLICK HERE.  

When requesting repairs, please be prepared to provide the following:

  • Exact location - It is recommended that two addresses be given, e.g., the light is between first address and second address. 
  • Cross street - Provide one of the closest cross streets. 
  • The problem - The light is always off, the light cycles on and off, the light is on during daytime hours, etc.
  • Your contact information - This is helpful if our City staff has questions or wants to provide you with status information in the event of a delay.
  • Pole tag number - Each pole should have a vertical metal tag with a number imprinted on it. The tag is located facing the street, at or just above eye level. 

The Roadway Lighting District

The Engineer's Report outlines the Lighting District structure, the improvements, and the proposed assessments to be levied in connection with the benefits the properties will receive from the maintenance and servicing of the District improvements for the fiscal year. Click the link below to view the Fiscal Year 2023-24 Lighting District Engineer’s Report. 

FY 2023-24 Lemon Grove Roadway Lighting District Engineer’s Report 

Street Lighting Standards

To provide uniformity throughout the City’s street light system, standards were created to apply to new City-owned street light installations.  The Guidelines for Street Lighting can be accessed below.

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