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The Lemon Grove

Realignment Project

After thoughtful engineering and planning, the long-awaited Lemon Grove Avenue Realignment project is breaking ground at the end of August.

Designed as a traffic safety and congestion relief project, the Lemon Grove Avenue Realignment project will realign the off ramp from State Route 94 leading directly to North Avenue. Additionally, motorists will see more travel lanes and have the option the avoid crossing the trolley tracks that run parallel to Lemon Grove Avenue.

The project was awarded to West Coast General Corporation on June 21, 2016 with a budget not to exceed $6,310,300 with much of the project funded through grants. Construction is scheduled to last about 12 months. Drivers may experience delays while construction is underway; we ask for your patience as this long-awaited project is under construction. For questions about the project, please contact the Engineering Department at 619-825-3811.

Some of the features of the Realignment design:

  • Pedestrian Accessibility: New sidewalks will create a clear, easy path between the Trolley, the Promenade, and North Avenue.
  • Traffic Signal Efficiency: The traffic and trolley signals will “talk” to each other to help keep traffic moving safely with less waiting.
  • Water Efficient Landscape: Drought-tolerant plants will be used to save water and to keep costs low for ongoing maintenance.
  • Improved Stormwater Treatment: Rainwater will be captured to water new trees and reduce irrigation costs. Some runoff will be filtered through a grass-lined ditch to remove street pollutants.
  • Undergrounding of Power Lines: All the overhead power lines will be put underground.

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