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Pavement Management Program

Pavement Management Program

The City uses a Pavement Management Program (PMP) to assist with prioritizing streets to include in maintenance and rehabilitation projects. In April 2023, the City completed an update to its pavement condition status.  All 69.5 centerline miles of Lemon Grove’s asphalt concrete roadways were evaluated and rated in November of 2022. The evaluation resulted in a street-by-street condition rating that has now been uploaded into the City’s pavement management system, StreetSaver. The last update of the City’s pavement ratings was performed in Fiscal Year 2017/2018. The PMP helps the City implement a systematic program of maintenance, repair and improvement for the streets of Lemon Grove based on available funding such that the City maximizes the return on investment and provides the best overall pavement infrastructure. 

Organize & Analyze

The PMP utilizes a computerized application called StreetSaver to systematically organize and analyze massive amounts of inspection data about the condition of our street pavement.  StreetSaver helps identify cost‐effective strategies for pavement maintenance and rehabilitation. StreetSaver uses a PCI to classify roads based on their condition. The PCI scale rates all streets from 0 to 100 (poor to excellent condition), depending on severity of pavement distress. The City has approximately 69.5 centerline miles of streets and has an overall network PCI rating of 58, which is considered within the “fair” condition rating. 

The City’s Approach

The PMP is designed to optimize funding available to maintain the roadways in the most cost manner. The most cost-effective does not mean paving the “worst streets” first. Oftentimes, the worst streets are the most expensive streets to do because they require some form of reconstruction. Many streets identified for simple, regular maintenance treatments are those that are rated in better condition.

Preventive maintenance is performed on “good” streets to preserve the pavement before significant damage occurs. Keeping the “good streets” in good condition is one of the keys to effective maintenance.  The approach of performing mostly preventive maintenance has been proven to effectively extend the life of pavements and is less costly than reconstruction. 

Street Moratorium

The City places moratoriums on any street that has been reconstructed or slurry sealed. Moratoriums on streets are valid after construction is completed for three years for a reconstruction and slurry sealing project. There are strict terms and conditions for replacing the asphalt or concrete on streets with a moratorium in place. The moratorium list is updated as projects are complete, so be sure to check the list regularly.

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