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Alarm Permits

Alarm Permit Required 

In accordance with Lemon Grove Municipal Code Chapter 8.32, an alarm permit is required to operate an alarm system within the City of Lemon Grove. An alarm permit is required for alarm systems in both businesses and residences.  The permit is valid until there is a change in the alarm user or a change in address location of the alarm system. An alarm permit is non-transferable to a new location or alarm user. 

To apply for an alarm permit, please complete the Alarm Permit Application and pay the $75 fee. Submission options:

  • Online: Email the completed application and submit payment online at the Lemon Grove payment processing site (coming soon)
  • Mail: Send completed application and check payable to the City of Lemon Grove to:
    • City of Lemon Grove, Attn: License Clerk, 3232 Main St, Lemon Grove, CA 92119
  • In-Person: Visit City Hall during the business hours listed at the bottom of the page

 False Alarms

Recently there has been an increase in the number of false alarms being responded to by the Sheriff's Department across the City. Repeatedly responding to false alarms reduces the Sheriff’s ability to respond to critical calls for public safety services. Therefore, the false alarms will be monitored closely by the City and action will be taken to enforce the penalty fees for properties with excessive false alarms. The Lemon Grove Municipal Code allows a maximum of two (2) false alarms in any six-month period without penalty. The following penalty assessments shall be assessed for each false alarm in excess of two in any six-month period:

  • Third false alarm: $50
  • Fourth false alarm: $100
  • Fifth false alarm: $150
  • Each additional false alarm: $200

If you receive notice of a false alarm penalty, please take action to correct the cause of the false alarms and submit timely payment of your fees to the City.

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