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Code Enforcement

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counter hours

7:00 - 5:30 pm, Monday- Thursday 

Ph. 619-825-3820

Code Enforcement Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the Development Services Department to investigate all zoning code violations that are reported to the City in writing or by phone at 619-825-3820, anonymous complaints cannot be accepted.

Complaints may be submitted in person to: 
Code Enforcement Officer 
City of Lemon Grove
3232 Main Street
Lemon Grove, CA 91945

New Beekeeping Ordinance

On Saturday, August 20, 2016, the City’s new Beekeeping regulations will go into effect. This new ordinance will make several changes to the regulations that govern the recreational keeping of bees in Lemon Grove. If you or someone you know is currently a hobbyist beekeeper or is considering becoming one, the following regulations will apply to your sweet hobby:

  • All current hobbyist beekeepers must obtain a Beekeeping Permit. Beekeeping permits are available free-of-charge as part of a six-month amnesty period (August 20, 2016-February 20, 2017). Beekeepers who apply for a Beekeeping Permit after February 20, 2017 will need to pay the established $35 permit fee.
  • Beehives shall be placed at least twenty-five feet from streets rights-of-way and any private access easement, at least fifteen feet from any side or rear lot line, and at least twenty-five feet from any neighboring dwellings. For three-to-four hives, a one-hundred foot separation from neighboring dwellings is required.
  • Based upon conservative industry standards, beehives cannot be larger than 15 cubic feet in volume.
  • Firefighting materials must be located near a hive. Firefighting materials can include: a hose connected to a water source, a shovel, or a fire extinguisher. A sufficient water supply must be kept near the hive as well.
  • Only docile bees may be kept within the City.
  • All hives must be registered with the County of San Diego Department of Agriculture, Weights, and Measures. Registration is free to beekeepers with less than 10 hives.
  • Sensitive site registration is available for property operators who have medical reasons or where bees could cause a nuisance during normal work activities. Bee hives must be kept at least 100-feet from the border of sensitive areas.
  • All hives must be well maintained. The City is able to abate hives if they become a nuisance or danger to the Community. Hives not maintained will be treated as a Code Enforcement violation with the potential to have the negligent beekeeper face penalties and fines.

The San Diego Beekeeping Society supports, and has also endorsed, Lemon Grove’s new ordinance. The Beekeeping Society is a helpful network to be involved in for educational and training opportunities for novice and experienced beekeepers. They meet monthly and host classes and events throughout the year. Learn more about them on the web at

See what all the buzz is about on the City’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles. More information is also available on the City’s Code Enforcement Webpage. For questions regarding Ordinance 439 or to register your property as a sensitive site, please contact Miranda Evans, Assistant Planner, at 619-825-3813 or


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