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Mayor and City Council Members/Public Officials Appointments to Regional Boards and Committees

Form 806

2018 Form 806 Fair Political Practices Commission Report of Compensation to Public Official for Appointments to Regional Boards and Committees.

Reporting Ceremonial Role Events and Ticket/Admission Distribution

Form 802

Under specific circumstances, an agency’s distribution of tickets to entertainment events, sporting events, etc., does not result in a gift to the individuals who attend. The agency must adopt a written policy that identifies the public purpose served in distributing the tickets. Admission to certain events for an individual who performs a ceremonial role (e.g., ribbon cutting) also does not result in a gift to the individual if the required information is disclosed. 
The Form 802 is used by state and local government agencies to disclose detailed information about the distribution of tickets and passes, including the identity of persons who receive the tickets and passes and the public purpose of each ticket distribution. The Form 802 is also used to disclose information about ceremonial role events. FPPC Regulation 18944.1


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