Online Payments

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The City is currently not accepting online payments. Please refer to the categories below to determine the approproate method to pay your bill.

Classes/Day Camp
The City of Lemon Grove offers a wide variety of classes and activities for all residents to enjoy. Among our classes, we also offer several Day Camp sessions throughout the year during spring break, summer vacation, Thanksgiving vacation and winter break. Please contact Monica Gonzalez at 619-825-3815 or for registration questions and payment details.

Parking Citations
You may pay your parking citation in person, online or by mail. Your citation will not show in the system until 7 days after the date written on your citation. Payment plans are available upon request. For alternate payment options, visit To pay a parking citation, your parking citation number is required. If you do not have the citation number, provide the license plate number and state for the vehicle cited.

Animal License
The City of Lemon Grove requires all dogs residing in the City to have a valid dog license. License fees are below and can be paid at City Hall. Dog owners who have not licensed their dog are subject to fines. Visit the Animal Licensing page for more information on license costs.