Sewer Upsizing

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Project Background


The Sewer Upsizing project consists of upsizing existing sewer mains with new PVC pipe at various locations within the city of Lemon Grove as shown below.  In addition to upsizing, the work includes installation of new sewer cleanouts, re-connection of lateral connections to sewer mains, sewer bypass measures, pavement restoration, construction traffic control, water pollution control measures, public outreach during construction, and other work as shown on the plans and described within the contract documents. See the location map below for the areas affected.

 If you have any questions you can call 619-825-3811.

Sewer Upsizing Location Map


Project Update


The old 8" VCP pipe was replaced with a new 8" PCV pipe on Edding Drive. Work will begin in March on Eldora Street and Noble Street by upsizing the 6" pipe to an 8" pipe.


A New 12" sewer main has been installed in place of the old 8" line along Main Street from Burnell to Davidson. Once this is complete, the contractor will start work on Edding Drive.


The contractor is paving a trench line on Main Street near San Miguel. While paving is taking place, the westbound turn lane to San Miguel from Lemon Grove Avenue northbound and southbound will be closed. We appreciate your patience. 


Currently the contractor is potholing for utility locations and surveying the areas that are part of the project.Construction is set to begin at the end of November.

 Sewer Upsizing Update