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Capital improvement projects

Lemon Grove Realignment


AWARDED - FY 2019-20 Street Rehabilitation - This project consists of furnishing mix designs, cleaning pavement surfaces, providing traffic control and storm water pollution prevention devices, mixing and applying various pavement treatments, protecting the completed pavements until set and application of traffic striping.  

Construction date - February through April

Contractor - American Asphalt South

Location - click here for the location table.


land development


Mallard Court Homes (12 single family homes) - 2019/20

Grove Hill Court off of Dain Drive (13 single family homes) - 2019/20

Golden Row Homes (22 condos) - 2019/20

Celsius II Apartment Complex (18 apartments)- 2019

Center Hilltop Condos (Casio Court) -Completed November 2018

Broadway Lofts- Completed November 2018



Current & Upcoming Projects

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