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The Lemon Grove Fire Department is now part of Heartland Fire & Rescue. On January 1, 2010, the cities of El Cajon, La Mesa, and Lemon Grove agreed to co-manage fire and emergency medical services in order to maintain high-quality services and provide cost-saving opportunities.  

Heartland Fire & Rescue offers combined resources of eight fire stations, nine engine companies, two truck companies, three paramedic transport units, and one BLS transport unit (Peak Hour Unit) to serve 180,000 residents.

In addition to fire, rescue, and emergency medical services, Lemon Grove staff will continue to offer local fire prevention and public education services. Links are located on the left panel of this page.


station 10

Equipment Housed:

-      Medic Engine 10

-      Medic Engine 210

-      American Medical Response Unit 257 



All Staff at Station 10 are supervised by a Deputy Chief as well as a Division Chief that monitors each shift. Each engine is staffed with a Captain, Engineer and Paramedic/Firefighter. Station 10 rescue staff includes:

-6 Captains (4 with Paramedic Certifications)

-6 Engineers (All have Paramedic Certification)

-6 Firefighters/Paramedics (All have Paramedic Certification)


Paramedics & Ambulance Services:

Paramedic Medical Transport services are provided by a private contractor through American Medical Response



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