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  • SB 272 Compliance
  • What can I do to help out in the Lemon Grove community?
  • What should I do to do add value to my home?
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The Engineering Department is responsible for management of a variety of programs including:

  • CIP - Provide the planning, design, financial, contractual and construction management services necessary for development of the City's capital improvement projects. Provide for the planning, design, repair and maintenance of the 68.7 center-line miles that comprise the public street system
  • Sanitation and Lighting - Provide for the major repairs and improvements to the sanitary sewer system which consists of 43 miles of sewer mains. Manage and maintain all city-owned street and traffic lights.
  • Traffic - The City’s Traffic division manages and maintains the traffic signals, the Traffic Advisory Committee and the Lemon Grove Residential Traffic Management Program.



The Engineering Division of Public Works provides inspection for grading and public improvements for private development projects and for activities within the public right-of-way. Engineering is also responsible for providing comments on planning and engineering reviews, checking grading plans and improvement plans, associated technical reports related to hydrology, water quality and soils, and final map for private development projects.