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Project Goals

1. Provide mobility options that support active healthy lifestyles;

2. Create a sense of place;

3. Enhance the natural environment;

4. Improve safety and access for all ages;

5. Improve connections between neighborhoods and business; and

6. Respect property and improve property values.


Connect Main Street

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Project Overview

Connect Main Street is a planning and design project exploring opportunities to transform an approximately two-mile long stretch of Main Street. The vision is to create a community corridor that supports active lifestyles and transportation choices by providing a safe, beautiful and sustainable linear parkway that connects people, places and activities for generations to come. 

Project Status & Next Steps

The City Council accepted Draft concept on August 5, 2015. On July 19, 2016, the City Council directed staff to prepare a General Plan Amendment incorporating a new Special Treatment Area within the project area. It will include a general description of Connect Main Street and the accepted vision and goals as well as provide general direction for future improvements within the corridor. Once adopted, the City will seek funding for the 100% design and construction of the project.

The City Council has also accepted a revised short term plan that replaces the previous short and mid term plans for the segment between Broadway and Central Avenue (reference the 9/20/16 staff report below).  Also, a segment alternative has been accepted by the City Council for the segment between Massachusetts Avenue and San Pasqual Street (reference the 7/19/16 staff report below).  

On October 18, 2016, the City Council adopted a General Plan Update and accepted the completed conceptual plans and 30% drawings. The next steps include preparing the 100% design and construction drawings and then constructing the project. Grant funds will be applied for as a part of these efforts. Partial construction of the section from Broadway to Central Avenue is funded and is expected to be completed in summer 2017. The remaining segments will be constructed as funding allows in phases starting on the north end and then in phases to the south. 

Project Resources

View the July 19, 2016 Staff Report: Alternative Concept Between Massachusetts Avenue and San Pasqual Street and Draft General Plan Amendment

View the August 16, 2016 Staff  Report: Overview Presentation of the Connect Main Street Project

View the September 20, 2016 Staff Report: Accepted Short Term Concept from Broadway to Central Ave. and Professional Services Agreement with Michael Baker for Construction Drawings of Short Term Concept

View the October 18, 2016 Staff Report: Connect Main Street General Plan Amendment

Click here to view Volume I: Connect Main Street Design Process

Click here to view Volume II: Connect Main Street Conceptual Plans

Click here to view the Cultural Resource Survey prepared by Rincon Consultants.



Project Map

Connect Main Street Project Map