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  • What can I do to help out in the Lemon Grove community?
  • What should I do to do add value to my home?
  • Will I need to do a public street dedication or public street improvements as a part my building or planning permit application?
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Planning & Zoning

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counter hours

7:30 - 10:00 a.m.,  Monday- Thursday 

For questions, call 619-825-3805

 *Note, submittals and resubmittals may be accepted during counter hours or by appointment only.

**Reminder, property owner authorization is required for all permit application submittals.  Written authorization from the property owner is acceptable.  Corporate owners require proof of authorized signatory (must be recorded documentation).

Department Responsibilities

This is the first stop for obtaining information about what can be built and where it can be built in Lemon Grove. 

  • Answer zoning questions from the general public
  • Conduct site inspections
  • Coordinate regional planning efforts with the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS), and other regional groups
  • Enforce the zoning regulations set forth in the Lemon Grove Municipal Code
  • Monitor the implementation of the Lemon Grove General Plan
  • Process applications for use permits, planned development permits, sign permits, and variances
  • Process requests to subdivide property
  • Propose amendments to the Lemon Grove General Plan and Municipal Code
  • Report to the Planning Commission and City Council
  • Review building permit applications for conformance with zoning regulations



Current Planning Efforts

Three major planning efforts are underway that will set the future vision for Lemon Grove.


General Plan Update  

Lemon Grove last updated the General Plan in 1996 and over the past 20 years the City has changed, development standards have changed, and the community’s wants and needs have changed. In 2015, under the City Council leadership, City staff partnered with graduate students from the California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly SLO) Design Studio Team to conduct community outreach, create a community profile and put together a draft general plan update. The Cal Poly SLO team working in conjunction with a City Council appointed ad hoc focus group set out to build a community profile that will shape the ideas that will be considered as part of the General Plan. Over 1,000 community members participated in various outreach efforts held over the course of five months. Additionally, two focused workshops were held to gather specific input on community design and economic development, as well as street development and circulation around town.

All the of the community results from the Cal Poly SLO team and the two community workshops is available on-line on the City’s General Plan update webpage.

 Downtown Village Downtown Village Specific Plan Expansion

SANDAG Smart Growth Grant funds will be used to prepare an expanded Downtown Village Specific Plan (DVSP). The City has partnered with Brian Mooney and the planning division of Rick Engineering to prepare the plan. Mr. Mooney was the principal in charge for the existing Downtown Village Specific Plan.  More information on the DVSPE can be found at the City's Downtown Village Specific Plan Expansion webpage.


Connect Main Street

The City received a SANDAG Smart Growth Grant to design an approximately two mile linear multi-use path with adjoining activity centers along Main Street next to the trolley line from Broadway to the Massachusetts Avenue Trolley station. The proposed concept also includes amenities such as picnic tables, shade structures, seating, trash receptacles, street and pedestrian lighting. Public art is included throughout and takes form as portals, fence and wall art, historic and natural art pieces and furnishings. The design is expected to be approved in 2016 and partial grant funding for construction of one of the phases has been received. More information on the Connect Main Street Project can be found at the City's Connect Main Street webpage.


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