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The Importance of Revitalization

Over time, industries change, businesses close, people move away, buildings outlive their useful life, crime increases. In governmental terms, these conditions are known as blight.
These typical, recurring factors cause neighborhoods to lose value in the eyes of potential customers, buyers, and investors, leading to even more decay. Every community will someday need to be revitalized.

Lemon Grove Community Development Agency (the "Agency")

Fortunately, California law provides redevelopment authority, a valuable tool that encourages new development, rehabilitates existing development, rebuilds infrastructure, and promotes affordable housing. The Agency, formed in 1986, has a primary goal of eliminating blight within the adopted Redevelopment Project Area (see the link at left). The City Council sits as the Agency's Board of Directors and City staff provides administrative support.

The Agency has certain powers (i.e., issuing bonds, buying property, providing financial assistance) that can be used to encourage and support revitalization activities that rely on public / private partnerships with property owners and developers who may not otherwise be willing or able to invest in our community. The Agency assists projects that enhance the City's business district and improve housing through small business grants and housing subsidies.

Agency Meetings

The Agency last met on January 25, 2018 at 5 p.m. at Lemon Grove City Hall. The agenda and meeting materials are posted below for public review: 

- January 25, 2018 meeting agenda

- Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule (July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019) Staff Report

- DRAFT ROPS Payment Schedule (18-19) Summary

Please contact the City Manager's Office at (619) 825-3819 or with any questions.