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Sanitation and Lighting

Sanitation District


 The Lemon Grove Sanitation District, which assumed maintenance and repair of the sanitary sewer main lines from the County of San Diego on July 1, 1989, provides wastewater collection system management services for the City and its residents. These services include the transport of wastewater to the San Diego Metropolitan Wastewater Department for treatment, sewer line operations and maintenance, management of sewer finances, revenue sources and user charges, and other related duties to ensure the system continues to operate efficiently.

The District charges a sewer service fee which is billed annually on the property tax statement. You can look at your bill here by using your Address, Assessor Parcel Number or Supplemental bill number. For questions regarding your bill call, 1-888-683-5234.

Rate Case Study:

Keeping customer rates low while still meeting the District’s cost-of-service requirements is essential to maintaining quality services to the wastewater system’s customers.

Click here to view the current Rate Case Study. 

Click here to view Ordinance No. 33.


Lighting District

The Lemon Grove Lighting District manages and maintains all street lights on concrete or metal poles throughout the City of Lemon Grove. The district is separately financed and operated as an Enterprise Fund by the City. Lights on wooden poles are managed and maintained by SDG&E.

Click here to report a non-working street light on a concrete or metal pole or call 619-825-3810.

To report a non-working light on a wood pole call 1-800-411-7343.

Please have the following information ready when reporting a light out:

  • Location (address number and street name or intersection)
  • Pole Number
  • Type of pole (concrete or metal)
  • Issue (light out, flickering, on during the day, etc..)

The City also maintains 27 intersections of traffic signals and pedestrian countdown signals. To report issues with traffic or pedestrian signals click here or call 619-825-3811.

Click here for the City's street light standards.

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