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 City Council Regular Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, April 17, 2018, 6:00 p.m.

Lemon Grove Community Center 3146 School Lane,
Lemon Grove, CA

The City Council also sits as the Lemon Grove Housing Authority, Lemon Grove Sanitation District Board, Lemon Grove Roadway Lighting District Board, and Lemon Grove Successor Agency


Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Changes to the Agenda


Lemon Grove History Minute #17

Public Comment 

(Note: In accordance with State Law, the general public may bring forward an item not scheduled on the agenda; however, the City Council may not take any action at this meeting. If appropriate, the item will be referred to staff or placed on a future agenda.)

1.        Consent Calendar

(Note: The items listed on the Consent Calendar will be enacted in one motion unless removed from the Consent Calendar by Council, staff, or the public. Items that are pulled will be considered at the end of the agenda.)

A. City of Lemon Grove Payment Demands

Reference:  Lydia Romero, City Manager
Recommendation:  Ratify Demands

B. Waive Full Text Reading of All Ordinances on the Agenda

Reference:  James P. Lough, City Attorney
Recommendation: Waive the full text reading of all ordinances included in this agenda; Ordinances shall be introduced and adopted by title.

C. Rejection of Liability Claim (G.C. § 54956.95) - Barrington Steven Brown

Reference: Mike James, Assistant City Manager / Public Works Director
Recommendation: Reject Claim

D. Rejection of Claim (G.C. § 54956.95) – Law Office of Michael John Majdick on behalf of Carla Pastore Hall

Reference: Mike James, Assistant City Manager / Public Works Director
Recommendation: Reject Claim

E. Rejection of Claim (G.C. § 54956.95) Paulette Martinez
Mike James, Assistant City Manager / Public Works Director
Recommendation: Reject Claim

F. Fifth Amendment to Option Agreement Between City of Lemon Grove and the San Diego Community Land Trust for 8084 Lemon Grove Way

Reference: David De Vries, Development Services Director
Recommendation: Adopt Resolution

G. Acceptance of State Homeland Security Fiscal Year 2017 Grant (SHSG) Funds in the amount of $19,284 and Authorize the City Manager to Execute Appropriate Agreements and/or Required Grant Documents

Reference: Daryn Drum, Division Chief
Colin Stowell, Fire Chief
Recommendation: Adopt Resolution

H. Uphold Development Services Director’s Determination to Deny Zoning Clearance No. ZCM-170-0002; a Request to Apply for a Conditional Use Permit to Establish a Medical Marijuana Dispensary at 3515-21 Harris Street in the General Commercial/Heavy Commercial Zone

Reference: Dave De Vries, Development Services Director
Recommendation: Adopt Resolution

2.        Annual Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2016-17

The City Council will receive the Annual Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2016-17.

Reference: Al Burrell, Interim Finance Director

                  Greg Fankhanel, Partner, Van Lant & Fankhanel, LLP 

Recommendation:  Receive and file the Annual Report

 3.       City Sponsorship Program

The City Council will discuss and provide direction to staff.

Reference:  Mike James, Assistant City Manager/Public Works Director

Recommendation:  Provide Direction to Staff

 4.       Appointment of Five Planning Commission Members and Set Terms for Commission Members 

The City Council will appoint five permanent members to the Lemon Grove Planning Commission, establish initial terms of office, and select Chair and Vice Chair.

Reference: Lydia Romero, City Manager
Recommendation:  Adopt Resolution

5.        Public Hearing - Approval of the Downtown Specific Plan (General Plan Amendment GPA-180-0001) Authorizing a Comprehensive Amendment to the Downtown Village Specific Plan and Expansion of the Specific Plan Area (219 total acres)

The City Council will conduct the public hearing and introduce and conduct first reading of Ordinance No. 449 approving General Plan Amendment GPA-180-0001 and certifying Mitigated Negative Declaration ND18-01

Reference:  David De Vries, Development Services Director
                    Michael Viglione, Assistant Planner
Recommendation:  Introduce and conduct first reading of Ordinance No. 449

City Council Oral Comments and Reports on Meetings Attended at the Expense of the City.

(GC 53232.3 (d) states that members of a legislative body shall provide brief reports on meetings attended at the expense of the local agency at the next regular meeting of the legislative body

City Manager and Department Director Reports (Non-Action Items)

Closed Session

Conference with Legal Counsel – Conference with Legal Counsel – Existing Litigation (G.C. § 54956.9)
Evan W. Walker, attorney on behalf of Rosa Vazquez 
San Diego Superior Court–Central Division Case number 37-2017-00037623-CU-PO-CTL  


In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the City of Lemon Grove will provide special accommodations for persons who require assistance to access, attend and/or participate in meetings of the City Council. If you require such assistance, Please contact the City Manager's Office at (619) 825-3819 or email cityoflemongrove@lemongrove.ca.gov prior to the meeting. A full agenda packet is available for public review at City Hall.