Lemon Grove Realignment Project

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Project Updates




  • HEADING EAST: exit College Avenue or Massachusetts Avenue
  • HEADING WEST: exit Spring Street or Massachusetts Avenue



Month of April:


  • Contractor demolishing asphalt near trolley tracks.
  • Contractor installing electrical connections for traffic signals in North Avenue.
  • Landscape contractor spraying weeds and planting.


  • Contractor to continue with landscaping work.
  • Contractor to install signal service for Lemon Grove and North Avenue.
  • Contractor to complete demolition and grade the area between MTS tracks and North Avenue.
  • Contractor to start grading soil for the curb and gutter.


  • MTS reviewing work-plan for rail signal work. 


  • Contractor building storm drain boxes near the MTS trolley tracks.
  • Landscape contractor spraying weeds and installing irrigation conduit


  • Contractor to continue with landscaping work.
  • Contractor to install signal service for Lemon Grove and North Avenue.
  • Contractor complete demolition and grade the area between MTS tracks and North Avenue. 


  • SDG&E installed meters for the Broadway and Olive intersection traffic signals. These meters will feed power to the new traffic signals in that intersection.
  • Contractor re-started work on storm drain near MTS tracks on North Ave. Storm drain work was halted due to an unforeseen site condition. This work should be completed by next week.
  • Contractor planted Tipu Trees and New Zealand Flax along the new Lemon Grove Avenue.


  • Contractor to conduct signal work. This work will link up the three new intersection lights and signals.
  • Contractor to continue with landscaping work.
  • Contractor to continue to install storm drain and storm drain box.


  • Waiting for Caltrans approval of inlet design change near Caltrans eastbound 94 onramp. Storm drain in conflict with SDG&E conduit. 

Month of March:  Work continues on North Avenue near the trolley tracks. Once work is complete, traffic will be able to travel east on North Avenue to Lemon Grove Avenue. In addition, a new barricade has been installed on the new southbound portion of the Lemon Grove Avenue off-ramp to North Avenue. The contractor is pot holing on Olive Street in preparation for the installation of the signal interconnect. This will allow the signals in the area to be synchronized.  

Month of February: As the final phase of the Lemon Grove Avenue Realignment project continues, you may notice some changes on Broadway at Olive Street. In addition to the new pedestrian ramps that were installed in January, traffic signals were installed the week of February 5, 2018. Once the lights are energized they will be functional. In addition, work continues on North Avenue near the MTS trolley tracks as the contractor finishes the jack and bore process.

Traffic Signal


Traffic Signal


Month of January: The final phase of the Lemon Grove Avenue Realignment Project is currently underway. As a part of the project, traffic patterns have now changed for motorists exiting the SR 94 off-ramp onto Lemon Grove Avenue. Please be mindful when traveling through the project area and expect traffic delays. All businesses in this area are currently open and traffic control is in place. In addition, electrical, telecommunication and new sewer lines were installed under the MTS trolley tracks. 

 Realignment of 94



Month of December: The contractor continues to excavate under the trolley tracks to install a new sewer main. In addition, the northern portion of the new 94 eastbound off-ramp was paved on the evening of December 12, 2017. Traffic signals will soon be installed at the off-ramp and North Avenue as well as Olive Street and North Avenue and Olive Street and Broadway.


Month of November: The electrical contractor continues to excavate to install dry utilities.The general contractor is grading the northern portion of the new 94 eastbound off-ramp in preparation for paving.

Mont of October: The electrical contractor installed the conduit for the new signals that will be installed on Broadway and Olive Street.  In addition, the contractor has been excavating a large hole near the trolley tracks in order to place dry utility conduit under the tracks as part of the future undergrounding project.. 

Realignment Oct 2017


Month of August: Construction at the intersection of Broadway and Olive Street will commence on Monday, August 14, 2017.  Construction includes the installation of traffic signals, curb ramps, sidewalks and reconstruction of cross gutters.  Access to businesses in the area will not be affected.

Month of June: A new water line was installed under North Avenue and is currently being tested by Helix Water District. The base material and asphalt have been placed in the south half of the Caltrans off-ramp as well the new Lemon Grove Avenue Realignment. 

LGAR June 20171



LGAR June 20173


Month of April and May: The contractor has installed new curb and gutter along North Avenue and along the new Lemon Grove Avenue realignment. The contractor is also in the process of installing a bioswale around the perimeter of the project which will soon be backfilled with gravel and vegetation. 


       LGARP Pic3         LGARP Pic2

Month of February and March: The contractor continues to work on minor grading as well as building and installing a storm drain box near SR 94. SDG&E was on site to relocate their power poles along North Avenue. 

LGAR SD                  LGAR SDGE



Month of January: The site remains too wet and muddy to place material. With another storm approaching, construction will slow until the ground dries up. 

Month of December: Demolition of the northern area of the site took place on December 7 - 9, 2016. Rain delayed work for a good part of the month.

Month of November: A storm drain was installed and import material was placed to raise the elevation of the site in order to construct the roadway to the elevation per the plans. 

LGAR Nov Update


Week of October 24:  The grading operation continues. The contractor has placed all the soil from the existing stockpile and will soon import new soil to continue constructing the embankment. 

Week of September 26: Starting this week and lasting the next two to three weeks, the contractor will be constructing a soil embankment that will pave they way for the realigned Lemon Grove Avenue on and off ramp. 



Week of September 19: The contractor will start moving the soil stock pile and begin demolishing the concrete pads and remove the vegetation.

Week of September 12: The construction crew will be installing a 10" sewer pipe under North Avenue. In addition, they will be placing a new manhole near the trolley tracks.


Highlights of the Groundbreaking Ceremony on September 8, 2016

Groundbreaking Ceremony





Project Background

LG Realignment Map

After thoughtful engineering and planning, the long-awaited Lemon Grove Avenue Realignment project is breaking ground at the end of August.

Designed as a traffic safety and congestion relief project, the Lemon Grove Avenue Realignment project will realign the off ramp from State Route 94 leading directly to North Avenue. Additionally, motorists will see more travel lanes and have the option the avoid crossing the trolley tracks that run parallel to Lemon Grove Avenue.

The project was awarded to West Coast General Corporation on June 21, 2016 with a budget not to exceed $6,310,300 with much of the project funded through grants. Construction is scheduled to last about 12 months. Drivers may experience delays while construction is underway; we ask for your patience as this long-awaited project is under construction. For questions about the project, please contact the Engineering Department at 619-825-3811.


Some of the features of the Realignment design:

  • Pedestrian Accessibility: New sidewalks will create a clear, easy path between the Trolley, the Promenade, and North Avenue.
  • Traffic Signal Efficiency: The traffic and trolley signals will “talk” to each other to help keep traffic moving safely with less waiting.
  • Water Efficient Landscape: Drought-tolerant plants will be used to save water and to keep costs low for ongoing maintenance.
  • Improved Stormwater Treatment: Rainwater will be captured to water new trees and reduce irrigation costs. Some runoff will be filtered through a grass-lined ditch to remove street pollutants.
  • Undergrounding of Power Lines: All the overhead power lines will be put underground.